Raising your ankles by just a few inches above your hips, can offer vastly improved circulation and comfort while resting.

This can provide a range of health benefits and with an adjustable bed or rise recline chair, this is easy to do each and every day.

Sleep and overall energy are often improved, as it helps your heart (circulation) during those periods and improves re generation inside the body due to reduced overall strain.

As many aspects of health are related to circulation and blood flow this simple practice can lift your wellbeing within a short period of time.


It can also improve joint mobility in some cases as the improved blood flow helps reduce inflammation.

The other simple benefit is that it’s comfortable, if you take afternoon naps this will leave you feeling much more comfortable and fresh afterwards.

If you are considering purchasing an adjustable bed, sleeping with your feet very slightly raised can be incredibly good for you.

Our range of adjustable beds are also orthopaedic as they offer support along the full length of the back.

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