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Curved Stairlift

Ideal for a staircase with turns, an intermediate landing or limited space at the top or bottom. A curved stairlift can be easily fitted and certainly will provide ease, comfort and safety on the stairs.

Because the easy to fit rail is fitted to the floor and will follow the contours of your staircase, These can be installed in just a few hours.


Because Health and Quality of Life Matters | 15 Years Trading | Rushmere Mobility

Above all, we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and first of all, quality of service.
We can add even more value, as a result of our Free UK Delivery and Standard Warranty.
Likewise we offer a most noteworthy service, by taking old furnite for free with each new purchase.
This furthermore, is all part of The Rushmere Promise.


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Stairlift Features

View the full range of easy to use features and built-in safety.

All stairlifts come with an easy instructional demo to make sure you are comfortable using them.

Safety Belt

Fitted as standard to all models for comfort and security.

For added comfort and security should you require it.

Digital Display

Easy to read digital display gives you a clear readout.

Call for more info or a demo is given when installed.

Directional Control

Forwards and backwards control even with limited dexterity.

Just push the paddle switch with your fingers or hand. Or simply let go to stop.

Lockable Switch

A lockable on/off switch provides additional child-friendly safety.

Simple switch to enable or disable operation.

Safety Sensors

Sensors gently stop the stairlftlift automatically if required.

Located on the footrest and chair. Senses anyone is sitting on the chair.

Swivel Seat

Swivel seat allows you to get on or off without twisting.

For when less support is required a smaller upright support bar can used.

Remote Controls

Two remote controls are provided as standard.

Allows the convenience of being able to call or send the lift up or down the staircase.

Fold-Away Design

The seat, support arms and footrest all fold away when not in use

Allowing others in your home use of the staircase as normal.