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The Rushmere Adaptable Stairlift

September 18, 2019

The Rushmere adaptable stairlift can have a number of different terminations. For example, a parking bend is often a safer option for the user, this is where the adaptable stairlift will have a 90 Degree bend onto the landing. This means that the adaptable stairlift will carry the user up the stairs and round the […]

Adjustable Bed Accessories Range at Rushmere Mobility

September 11, 2019

There are many different adjustable bed accessories including, draws, massage systems, grab handles and headboards. Grab handles are actually bolted to the frame of the bed, providing maximum support. Other adjustable bed accessories, such as headboards can be made to any specification. There are many different shapes of headboards, and also they can be upholstered in […]

Rise Recline Chair Accessories Range

September 10, 2019

  Rise recline chair accessories come in many forms. The chairs can be built incorporating pressure-relieving memory foam in the seat and footstool. Other rise recline chair accessories include a removable transfer arm, a massage system, and a variety of seat cushions. The chairs can also be made with pockets on either side of the […]

Battery Backup As Standard On Reliable Stairlifts From Rushmere

September 9, 2019

Rushmere Mobility are known for their reliable stairlifts all of which have battery backup built-in as standard. The battery backup in our reliable stairlifts is extremely useful should there be an unexpected mains power failure. Our reliable stairlifts can still be used safely and easily if this were to happen, the stairlift works on the […]

Custom Adjustable Beds With Rushmere Mobility

September 6, 2019

  Rushmere Mobility specialises in custom adjustable beds. Our custom adjustable beds can be made in any height, width or length. It is very important for many people who suffer from disabilities to have their bed made to the correct height. This will make getting in and out of bed easier.   A custom adjustable […]

Brexit Safe Warranty with Rushmere Mobility

September 5, 2019

  All of our products at Rushmere Mobility are manufactured in the UK which means they have a Brexit Safe Warranty. The rise recline chairs range and adjustable beds all include a 5 Year Brexit Safe Warranty as standard. The Rushmere stairlift ranges and accessories also have a standard 1 Year Brexit Safe Warranty.   […]

Made to Measure Rise Recline Chairs

September 2, 2019

  Made to measure rise and recline chairs are extremely comfortable for people who suffer with various aches and pains. It is very important that a chair is made to measure. The height and depth of a chair must be correct. The width can also be important.   Many people sit on chairs using cushions. […]

Comfortable Adjustable Bed Mattress for Orthopaedic Support

The adjustable bed mattress is an extremely important component, Rushmere adjustable bed mattresses come in many sizes and configurations. An adjustable bed mattress comprising of memory foam is extremely good for circulation. This mattress is also very supportive for people with back pain or general muscular pain.   The adjustable bed mattress can also be […]

Features of a Rushmere Curved Stairlift

August 31, 2019

The Rushmere curved stairlift can be fitted in approximately 4 hours. The advantage of the curved stairlift is that it is a single rail. Many other types of curved stairlift are twin rails and are not as aesthetically pleasing. The Rushmere curved stairlift can also be fitted on stairs that are very narrow.   There […]

Features of a Rushmere Straight Stairlift

August 30, 2019

The Rushmere straight stairlift can be fitted in less than 2 hours. There is minimal disruption when the straight stairlift is fitted because the lift is fixed to the stairs, not the wall. The power source is simple 3 pin plug socket. The socket can be at the top or the bottom of the stairs. […]