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5 Year Warranty

May 28, 2019

  Quality and reliability guaranteed for customer satisfaction on all purchases with our Standard 5 Year Warranty on all furniture* Get some peace of mind knowing that you have purchased a quality product hand made here in the UK. We offer a 5 Year Warranty as standard on many of our products to offer this […]

The Rushmere Mobility Promise

May 25, 2019

  Rushmere Mobility offers a promise to its customers for a high level of satisfaction. In many cases improving the quality of life or just taking the strain off so you can relax and enjoy the simple things. All of our products at Rushmere Mobility are hand made here in the UK to a high […]

Better mobility with Home Lifts

May 24, 2019

  Mobility around the home can be difficult for some individuals and stair lifts are not always practical to install or to use in some cases where home lifts can provide better mobility and are much easier to use. Better mobility can have an overall effect on making all the day to day things you […]

New product range – Adjustable Beds & Rise Recline Chairs for 2019

May 23, 2019

  Introducing our new product range for 2019 of Adjustable Beds and Rise Recline Chairs. All of our new product range is still manufactured right here in the UK to the same build quality and comes with a 5 Yr Warranty as standard* Available in a wide range of upholstery, fabrics and accessories our new […]

High quality motors in our rise recline chairs

May 22, 2019

All of our rise recline chairs and adjustable beds feature high grade motors and seminar lift mechanisms offering long term reliable performance from our products. Many of the cheap items you will see online are not manufactured to the same ratings and strength as ours made right here in the uk. Rushmere Mobility rise recline […]

Get ready for summer with mobility support

May 21, 2019

  Make sure you are ready for summer and making the most of it with mobility support. If you have been considering buying a stair lift, adjustable bed, rise recline chair or home lift (a personal elevator) then the spring and pre summer sales are a great time to think about buying. Mobility support refers […]

Pure comfort with an orthopaedic adjustable bed

May 20, 2019

With an orthopaedic adjustable bed your back is supported across its entire length. This allows for far greater comfort than cushions and will have a lasting effect throughout the day and during sleep at night. The extra support taking strain off back muscles can also help free up your arms and legs as the body […]

Support your overall mood with quality of rest

May 17, 2019

Simple changes can help lift your mood overall by getting an improved quality of rest. Typically people with reduced mobility over strain their arms, shoulders and upper back lifting themselves up using their arms. This is one of many small things we just do as people, that when combined with poor rest and strain on […]

Put your feet up ..for improved circulation

May 16, 2019

Raising your ankles by just a few inches above your hips, can offer vastly improved circulation and comfort while resting. This can provide a range of health benefits and with an adjustable bed or rise recline chair, this is easy to do each and every day. Sleep and overall energy are often improved, as it […]

Rushmere Spring Sale 2019

March 19, 2019

Save up to 20% in our Spring Sale 2019 at Rushmere Mobility. If you have been considering purchasing an adjustable bed,  rise and recline chair or stairlift then there has never been a better time than now with up to 20% off in the spring sale. Our luxury range of adjustable beds offer orthopaedic support […]